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Indoor Archery Range in Birmingham, Alabama

Hoover Tactical Firearms Archery Range

Multiple archers are able to enjoy the range at Hoover Tactical Firearms. We have seven lanes, including one elevated lane, across our 50-yard range. Each of these lanes has three targets at various distances, which makes this the perfect range to train for tournaments. We also have a 25-yard dot range for beginners or those who are testing out a new setup.

Three-Dimensional Archery Range

Practice your skills with shots ranging in distance and difficulty. We have a variety of 3-D foam targets that have been created to look like various game animals. By using a variety of life-size targets, you are able to practice shooting at a variety of angles. If you are looking to enter a competition, Hoover Tactical Firearms can help you hone your skills.

Dot Range

If you are a beginner archer or have recently changed your bow or setup, our dot range may be right for you. Whether you have your own equipment or you need to rent some, our indoor archery range is a fun, affordable activity for individuals, couples, friends or family. Enjoy the thrill of shooting a bow and arrow today at Hoover Tactical Firearms.

Archery Range Safety

The safety of our guests is our number one concern. We require you to sign a waiver prior to participation on our archery ranges. If you have any questions or safety concerns don’t hesitate to ask one of our friendly range employees. We also have a range officer to help ensure the safety of all those using our pistol range.

Lane Availability Notification

We utilize a beeper and buzzer waiting system on our busy days. Enjoy yourself by walking around our store or grabbing a bite to eat while you wait. Once your lane is ready, we will notify you through a buzzer. Simply walk through our double doors to enter the range. We will help you find your assigned lane. From there, fire away.