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Gunsmith Services in Birmingham, Alabama

Full-Service Gunsmith Shop

In addition to selling all major manufacturers for firearms, we also have a full-service gunsmith shop. We provide barrel installation and finishing services, action modifications and more. You can place your trust in our knowledgeable gunsmiths who will find the right solution for you.

Maintenance Services

Your gun care can mean the difference between hitting your target and going home empty-handed. In some cases, it may even mean the difference between life and death. Don’t wait to check your gun until you need it. Schedule your firearm maintenance services today by calling or visiting Hoover Tactical Firearms. Tomorrow may be too late.

Installing Sights

Our gunsmithing department can drill and tap military actions for scope mount bases. Installing sights and scopes properly requires dovetail cutters on hardened steel slides. Don’t ruin your gun; let the professionals at Hoover Tactical Firearms install your sights right. We also provide holsters that will accept your gun with the new sight.


Our full-service gunsmith shop can customize any of your firearms as well as their accessories. If your item shoots, we guarantee to exceed your expectations in customizations. We offer custom trigger jobs, frame modifications, finishes and more.

Custom AR Platforms

If you are looking to build your own custom AR platform, you do not have to travel far. As a local shop, we carry all the major parts and accessories you need. Visit us today to begin or finish your custom build. We cannot wait to meet you and share in your enthusiasm for your build.