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Firearm Classes in Birmingham, Alabama

Hoover Tactical Firearms Classes

At Hoover Tactical Firearms, we offer classes for every level of firearm handler. We specialize in National Fire Academy training courses, including Basic Handgun Familiarization and Advanced Techniques. All classes are taught in private classrooms and on the range. We also offer one-on-one lessons to help you hone the specific skills you would like to target.

Basic Handgun Instruction

This is an introductory class on how to handle handguns safely in self-defense and recreational situations. We will go over safety rules, techniques for accurately shooting, maintenance, storage and basic gun parts. Our scheduling is flexible for your convenience. We also have guns that you may rent if you do not already own a handgun.

Customized Handgun Instruction

This class is personalized to fit your needs. We practice a few exercises to determine your level of handgun knowledge. From there, we work on honing your skills. From accuracy to better routines, we will build on the knowledge you already possess. This class can be scheduled at any time for your convenience. We also offer gun rentals for those who do not own a handgun.

USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense Course

This USCCA-certified course generally takes six hours to complete. This course is recommended for anyone considering owning or carrying a firearm for self-defense and can be taken individually or as a couple. We will talk about home protection plans, firearm basics, shooting fundamentals and much more. Contact us today to register for this event.


With the increasing number of public shootings, many people have decided to pursue a concealed weapon license. However, the benefits of firearm classes extend beyond the ability to carry a gun. By handling a firearm you are able to know how to safely handle a firearm if the need arises. Many also find their fear of firearms reduced with the basic understanding we offer.