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Home Gun Storage: Make Family Safety a Priority

Safe With A Gun
Over 6,500 people in the U.S. lost their lives in accidental shootings from 2006 -2016. Children and teenagers, due to their natural curiosity, are often the ones at risk when a gun is in their home. According to the LA Times, accidental deaths have dropped by 48 percent since 1999, and a lot of the credit is due to the increase in responsible gun ownership.
Many states have adopted Child Access Prevention laws that make the gun owner responsible when an accident occurs with an unsecured firearm. Alabama does not currently have this type of law, but everyone should want to protect their children. Firearms can be stored in a number of safe ways, so every owner can find what works best for them.
Install Gun Locks
Handgun owners that want a simple and affordable way to protect children can rely on a cable lock for this purpose. Some experts warn against trigger locks because they do not have as much reliability as a cable lock.
The downside to cable locks is that they work with pistols, but not with rifles or shotguns. Gun owners must unload the gun to install the cable lock, and this makes the gun less useful for home safety. Owners must also find a lock that will fit their specific model of firearm.
Invest in Portability
Gun cases and lock boxes act as portable gun safes that protect both people and firearms. These protection options are a necessity for anyone that wants to travel with a firearm and are also useful for those that want their gun secured, but nearby.
The problem with a gun case or lock box is the portability. Gun owners will find theft more difficult to prevent if someone breaks into a home or vehicle. Preventative measures like not storing guns in vehicles and hiding the box in an unexpected place in the home may stop some thefts.  
Consider Gun Cabinets
Any gun owner that wants to display their collection and have their guns close at hand may prefer a gun cabinet. Many of these glass-fronted cabinets are beautifully crafted pieces of furniture that make it possible to keep guns away from children without sacrificing the ability to see and appreciate the firearms.
Gun cabinets do not offer much protection from theft, fire, or flood. The lack of security from disasters may not be a concern for homeowners that have other safety measures in place. However, gun cabinets do lock, so they are more effective for safety purposes than basic gun concealment benches or chests.
Use Gun Safes
A gun safe, bolted to the floor to prevent theft, is one of the most durable and effective options available. Some companies even offer biometric locks so only the fingerprint of the owner will open the lock. An added benefit is that safes can help to protect firearms if a flood or fire occurs. The ability to store multiple sizes of firearms is another positive feature.
The only negative aspect of a gun safe is the potential of the owner to forget the combination, particularly in a crisis. The manufacturers of gun safes make them impenetrable, so a locksmith may need to open the safe and to change the lock if the combination is forgotten. Biometric scanners prevent this type of event, but these safes are an expensive investment.
Responsible gun owners prevent accidents that encourage restrictive gun laws. At Hoover Tactical Firearms, we work with you to take the first steps toward responsible ownership. Our staff can help you to find the right firearm for your needs, and our gun ranges help you to learn how to handle your new purchase with confidence. Stop by to see our selection.