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First-Time Female Gun Owner? 4 Tips for Your New Gun

In the United States, about three women per day die during a domestic incident and an estimated 600 are victims of sexual assault. These types of crime statistics have led many women to become gun owners for the first time. Guns can protect if you handle them correctly but can increase risk if you use them improperly.
If you’re a woman who owns a gun for the first time, learn these tips for maximum gun effectiveness.

1. Understand the Trends
Female-oriented gun clubs, groups focused on educating women about guns, and a female NRA ambassador proves that gun ownership is no longer as heavily male-dominated as it once was. A larger segment of the female population has armed themselves, and nearly half of the people who stated they thought about buying a gun in a recent survey were women.
The big differences between male and female gun owners are that women are more likely to get a gun for protection instead of sport and they are older, on average, when they buy their first firearm.
2. Practice for Protection
No one is instantly safer because they buy a gun. In fact, unintentional shootings cause injury and death each year in the U.S. Responsible gun owners prevent this from happening. First-time gun owners should practice loading, unloading, and shooting their new firearm until they have a high level of comfort and knowledge of each step.
An indoor range is an ideal setting for the first-time owner because fewer distractions exist and expert advice is available. The experience at a gun range helps because this gives shooters the familiarity with the sound, weight, and control of the gun so they are more comfortable using it when someone threatens them.
Gun safety is not only about how to shoot the weapon, but how to carry and store it too. Many experts recommend that women carry the gun on their body and not in their purse. If you prefer a purse, stick with a specially made holster bag so the weapon is secure. In a traditional purse, items can roll into the barrel or inside the trigger guard and can jostle the gun easily. 
Also, remember that people can steal or lose handbags, and removing a gun from a bag can make more time than from a holster on the body. Visit a shop to test out body holsters for comfort and ease of accessibility. Look for a safe model that covers the trigger and keeps the gun pointed down and away from others.
3. Keep Children Safe
Babies and toddlers love to search through handbags. Their curiosity is one of the reasons why all gun-owning parents need to use caution. Stick with a body holster, buy trigger locks, and store the gun in a gun safe at home. Educate children early on the dangers of guns, but also satisfy their curiosity and teach them to be safe gun owners once they become mature enough.
4. Learn Other Tactics
A gun can be accessible most of the time, but times exist when it cannot be at your side. A gun may need to stay home when you are at church, work, or certain events. A mugger may wrestle away the gun or the gun could become unusable for some other reason. Total reliance on a firearm leaves an individual helpless if it is unavailable.
If out alone, have a cell phone ready to dial for emergency help and stay aware of all surroundings. Do not talk on the phone or text because it is too much of a distraction. Let people know where you are and when you will be home. Try to run away first from an attacker but fight back if necessary. Take a self-defense course to learn basic defensive techniques.
At Hoover Tactical Firearms, we can help you to find the perfect firearm for your needs. We also offer gun safes, holsters, and accessories. We also have a high-quality gun range on site. So stop in to talk to our expert staff today. We can answer your questions and help you find the gun you want and need.